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My father, Brook Moore Sr., working on a violin.
I grew up with sawdust from beautiful hardwoods in my hair, wood glue on my fingers, and the sickly sweet smell of lacquer in the workshop air. In our Maryland Quaker community, my father spent more than half a century creating custom furniture and musical instruments, including violins, dulcimers, folk harps, and viols. As a young man In the 1970s, I worked with my father, learning his methods of stringed musical instrument construction. Then life took a left turn, adventure and romance beckoned, and instrument building was put on hold, though my woodwork continued in other areas.

30 years later, I was ready to return to my never forgotten dream of building guitars in my own shop, and jumped back into the world of handcrafted sound. An intensive workshop from the great luthier Charles Fox was my introduction to modern guitar-making methods. Now, thousands of hours of guitar building and experimentation later, I believe that I have some exceptional instruments to offer.

Workshop in the 1970s:
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Brook in the shop, circa 1974

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Violin, viola, dulcimers, harp, viola da gamba

Many of my construction methods have been inspired by the work of other luthiers. Please click here to read about the original sources.