I offer guitars in 4 models, each available with either a standard pin bridge or a tailpiece. Any size or style may work well for finger style or flat picking, if set up with the player's desired neck width and shape. Guitars are subject to the laws of physics, and it has been well established that the overall volume produced by a smaller well-built guitar can equal that of a larger one. The primary acoustic effect of body size is on tone: a smaller guitar will typically have greater treble emphasis with a bit less power in the bass range, and as the size increases, the power in lower frequency notes increases. Due to the enormous variation in player preferences, I like to avoid the standard hyperbole used to describe various sizes of guitars, but just in case, here is a good selection: "remarkable volume for its (smaller) size", "excellent balance for its (larger) size", "exceptional clarity", "great dynamic range", "crystal clear trebles", "pleasing and strong bass notes up the neck", "powerful and shimmering mid-range".


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Lower Bout: 14-³⁄₁₆"

Body Length: 19"

Depth: 4-"

My smallest model, similar in size to a Martin 00. Notable power in all but the lower bass range.


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Lower Bout: 15-"

Body Length: 19-"

Depth: 4-"

The Solaris is in the Martin OM size range. Beautiful strong mids and trebles with a very good bass.


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Lower Bout: 15-½"

Body Length: 19-"

Depth: 4-½"

The Veritas is an exceptionally well balanced half-step between the Solaris and the Intrepid. A bit more bass punch than the Solaris, but keeps the presence in the upper ranges.


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Lower Bout: 16-"

Body Length: 20"

Depth: 4-¾"

The Intrepid is in the "small jumbo" size range. Another step up from the Veritas in low end power.


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Lower Bout: 15-"

Body Length: 20"

Depth: 4-"

The classic dreadnaught style with its broad waist offers a lot of power in the low range. With my doubletop methods, I am able to keep impressive power in the mid and treble range also. Recently I have designed my own personalized dread shape, as seen on the right. The waist is the same as Martin's, but upper and lower bouts are a bit wider.